Devang Sharma, Chief Promoter- @thesportskartail

Learn why we thought about changing the world.

I tried searching the definition of Sports on google – ‘Sports is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. ‘
This reminds me of an interesting story a few years back.
A group of friends comprising of a basketball player, couple of cricketers, a swimmer,  one who recently ran a marathon, one who could do-it-all and of course an amateur, who thought he could do-it-all, were sitting together at a random Starbucks in outskirts of Delhi on a rainy day. It goes without saying that discussion about sports popped up and everybody was asked to define Sports in their own beautiful and honest way, a definition justifying their learnings, their knowledge, their goods and bads about the activity (as google defines) called Sports.
A sportsperson talking about Sports is like a musician talking about music or a dancer about dancing which sometimes in no less than listening to a War veteran talking about Patriotism, how they are ready to dedicate their lives for their love for the country without having a second thought. As we try to find a reason to tell that person why he is being over-dramatic/ crazy about his passion, the artist won’t even bother to prove us wrong. He will let his art do that for him.
There is a reason why they do it, do it day in and day out, do it with all the passion and love, do it with everything they have.
Coming back to the Starbucks discussion, it was pretty amazing to see the diversification in responses. ‘Sports is the ability which helps you compete with the hardships of real life’, ‘Sports teaches you the traits which helps you go far’, ‘Sports is an art’, ‘Sports is a way of life’ were few of them.
Each and every definition had a beautiful meaning, a convincing background and more than anything a build-up story worth your lifetime.
Everybody in the group wanted to compete, just like any sportsperson wanted to be the best at the task at hand, in a dignified way through. As we know,  sport teaches you to be competitive, having the spirit and doing it with dignity and humility.
Like any other lesser mortal, a self-proclaimed (everything) I went on to judge people, I decided to pick the best of the lot and if it matters, I actually think I was able to do that.
‘SPORTS IN AN EMOTION, It’s a way you feel about things and situations in life. Its something that is felt and dealt, something that is a necessity to live” was the swimmer’s pitch, I am still in the awe of the confidence, smile and control he had over his words while speaking for the next 10 minutes. Being a cricket fan, the best analogy I can think of is a Sachin Tendulkar straight drive.
Let’s go back to the google definition and ask few questions – Its an activity involving physical exertion, but is it just that? its done for competition and entertainment, agreed. But isn’t it more than that?
Do you feel that emotion? Do you feel the heat or the chill when you are in the ground with all your heart? Do you feel that Sports takes you in a different zone, you get high like no other?
Let’s be more specific about our country and our surroundings and ask ourselves a few questions.
– You play a sport, do you ever feel that you can’t compete because you are not equal when it comes to financials?
– You play a sport, do you ever feel that you can’t compete because your religion and work is not perceived very positively by the society?
-You play a sport, do ever feel that you are not good enough to handle a certain responsibility in the field, hence that sport is not meant for you? Messi could have tried Goal Keeping and left the sport, who knows
When you try to relate this with life at a larger scale you would feel how a certain section of our society is left behind because they never have the spirit and confidence to overcome Poverty, discrimination on the basis of caste and creed, depression due to failure among many things in life. Well, how about taking a few learnings from Sports to your life? How about adopting a sport today so that you have a better shot in life tomorrow?
Being a sports fanatic, I have always believed that playing (any)Sport helps one in pretty much all the aspects in life. Right from self-confidence, staying motivated to developing a strong will, spirit, humility, compassion and a lot more, I am sure you would agree that there are a lot of things that Sports teach you.
This small initiative which I call – TheSportsKartail aims at giving kids/youth at the grassroots level a shot at adopting a sport and learning from it. Give themselves a shot in the tough world out there, give themselves a hope.. a dream.
All the respect and love
Devang Sharma