Young children in rural Rajasthan are using sports to dream big and transform their lives. Once under confident and un exposed, these children have now found a new ambitious personality. Read more to know how sports played a key role in achieving that.


Although the importance of mainstream education taught in a classroom is unparalleled but practicalists would say that few skills can only be learnt outside the walls. The potential of sport as a tool to reach personal, group, domestic and international objectives is immense.

It was a cool, cloudy, Sunday morning in February, and the seven-year-old Angel reached a school ground in the Mahapura village of Jaipur district minutes before the given time by the coach. She bent on her knees to tighten up her shoelaces and then quickly went inside a storeroom to collect a ball. 


New Delhi, Nov 28(UNI) You are born to be a player. You are meant to be here and this place is yours, believes Devang sharma, the founder of Sports Kartail, an initiative that aims importance of education in children’s life and sports as an accelerator to achieve the ultimate goal.